Cast Your Vote for Dennis Pierce and the BLET United Slate

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The BLET United Slate is the Team That is Qualified to Represent Every BLET Member

No matter if that is in contract negotiations, contract enforcement, regulatory efforts, or legislative efforts.

There is no on-the-job training program for National Division Officers; the membership needs and deserves National Division Officers that have represented the membership at all levels that stand ready to serve and represent on day one

BLET United Slate leadership

David P. Estes, Dennis R. Pierce and Mark Wallace
are ready and qualified to lead the BLET into the future.

Dennis Pierce
for National President

Protecting and Fighting for Workers’ Rights Every Day!

Dennis R. Pierce has served as National President of the 57,000-member BLET, a Division of the Teamsters Rail Conference, since July 1, 2010. He is the first BLET president to win election by direct vote of the membership since the Organization was founded in 1863, and was reelected as President by acclamation in 2014 and 2018. President Pierce has also served as President of the Teamsters Rail Conference since June 24, 2010.

Vote BLET United Slate 2022 on December 12
BLET United Slate 2022